A few thoughts on @pontifex

So the Pope resigned today. I can honestly think of only one accomplishment of Benedict XVI: getting a Twitter.

Harsh? Maybe. But on the whole, B16 didn’t do much that I found to be Christ-like, meaning, you know, “good.” Most of his actions either kept things the way they are (not good), or even made them worse.

When he took power, the church was at a crucial point. Years of an abuse scandal has caused millions to lose their faith. And the church’s teachings on most social issues were causing even more to abdicate. Benedict could have made things better. But he didn’t.

He maintained the Church’s hateful and discriminatory ways. He continued to have shady priests on payroll, such as his “eminence” Cardinal Bernard Law, the Boston bishop who covered up dozens of sex crimes, only to be rewarded with a cushy job in Rome.

Benedict also reprimanded and threatened nuns who were actually helping people. You know, Jesus stuff. But because they weren’t following a bunch of old mens’ rules, they were taunted with sanctions and excommunication.

I did say that I think that Benedict’s biggest accomplishment was tweeting, and I’m serious. For the most part, his tweets reached out to young people who might not have had that kind of connection with the church otherwise. Other religious figures, such as the Dalai Lama, have used Twitter to expand their reach. And I think that BXVI will be remembered for making such an effort.

Soon we will have a new Pope. I just hope the next one will be more like Jesus and less like Benedict.


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