Blast From The Past: Red Sox ’07


Six years ago (whoa), I took an HTML class in high school and started a little website. One page of the website was a blog about the Red Sox season. I started on Opening Day with this gem: “Schill had a bad day, giving up 5 runs (and 5 K’s) in 4 innings. He was followed by Lopez, J.A., Okajima, Donnelly, Pineiro & Romero. Papi got an RBI. My Score: 1/10″

Ha! I wonder who “J.A.” was… 

Anywho, with the advent of a new Sox season, I thought I’d revisit that old page (hand made by HTML, mind you!). Being 16, I of course gave up on updating it every day. My last game was a good one though: when the Sox had four back to back homers and swept the Yankees for the first time in years. We went on to win the World Series that year. Good times. 

Here’s the link. Don’t judge. I was 16.


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