Boston Strong


Last Thursday night, I went into town with my friend Joan to see Fleetwood Mac play at the Boston Garden. We bought the tickets months ago. It was the first concert in Boston after the horrific attack of April 15th.

I was at a bar on Causeway Street when they released the pictures of the bombers. The bar was very quiet, but then started cheering when the radio played the stunning rendition of the National Anthem from the previous night’s Bruins game.

The concert was incredible, but very heavy. Early in the show, Stevie Nicks said that the band was praying for us, and that we were Boston strong.

In this picture, Lindsey Buckingham shreds an amazing guitar solo. Towards the end of the show, he dedicated “Don’t Stop” to the Marathon victims, telling us that the message of the song was especially important: “don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”.

Moments after the concert ended, shots were fired at MIT and the manhunt began. The terrorists were, of course, defeated. Now Boston can begin to heal.

If you want to help, here are a few ways:

Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick have set up the One Fund. All donations go directly to helping the victims. 

The Dropkick Murphys have released a tribute T-shirt. Again, all proceeds will go the victims and families. 


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