Like a Club in Donkey Kong Country: Warrior Revisited

Ke$ha is way better than anybody gives her credit for. Her latest album Warrior is fantastic. In honor of her new show on MTV, her new single on the radio, and the fact that I’m going to her concert in a few weeks, I thought I’d revisit my live-tweet experience from when iTunes streamed her album last November.
Hearing new music from an artist you love for the first time is a pretty special thing, and thanks to social media, we can record and relive those moments. So now, although I’ve listened to the album 100 times, here are my first impressions of K$’s sophomore symphony…

I really associate K$ with Super Nintendo. But you know I’m right.

Still love this song. I said it was the best song of 2012. So great.

It definitely did get better the more I heard it, but I think it is one of the weaker tracks. As a single, it became Ke$ha’s “Marry The Night”– meaning a song that was close to her heart but didn’t really take off as a hit. Both songs (MTN for Lady Gaga) were the first singles of each artist not to reach the Top Ten.

No, I was not inebriated when I wrote this. I felt this sober. Indeed.

I forgot that cowrote this! His rap on the current single version now makes much more sense. One of the best tracks on the album. Better without the Pea’s verse.

It absolutely did grow on me. Love it.

My friend Pete made a very bad pun based on this song. Something to do with making a croque madame in a microwave…

Probably the best cut from this record. Lyrically and musically beautiful. And very, very true.

Haters gonna hate.

Both of these songs rock hard. Like harder than a lot of “rock” music today.

For more Ke$ha, catch her show “My Crazy Beautiful Life,” every Tuesday night on MTV. Yes, for half an hour, they actually have something music related! There is an all-new episode tonight! Yay!



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