Prom: Five Years Later


Wow. So I looked up prom pictures today, since my little sister is going to one tonight, and my senior prom was exactly FIVE years ago today. Wow. Seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago. Which it was. Here are a few things I remember about that night:

– the Diet Coke was ABSOLUTELY spiked with something. No question. Luckily, that was after we were inside because…
– I got breathalyzed! I was one of the “randomly selected” students who got their blood alcohol level tested upon arrival. Good times.
– Later that night, of course, certain beverages were consumed and a lime may or may not have gotten thrown at someone’s face. Good times.
– We took an awesome limo to and from the dance, which I organized. Because the number of people kept changing and the price per person got adjusted a bunch of times, I ended up eating like 300 bucks. Oh well, it was fun.
– Overall, prom (no the) was a great night. One of the many “coming of age” events that comes with small town living. Plus, lots of raspberry Smirnoff.



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