Half of the “Friends” have now tweeted at me.

It all started when I discovered that Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry were both on Twitter. I tweeted my excitement that I was following Monica and Chandler. And due to some serendipitous magic, Miss Gale Weathers herself noticed my tweet, and replied.

I know. Great.

Then one day last summer, I was walking in NYC when I saw a bus with a huge ad for Matthew Perry’s new show Go On, so I (of course) tweeted the picture to Chandler. And then this happened:

Chanandeler Bong tweeted a picture I took. Could that BE any cooler? Here is my original tweet. Note that it is the exact same picture:

Since I got both the Bings, I’ll admit I thought the prospect of gathering tweets from all the Friends was quite exciting. But a pipe dream, of course…

Today, that all changed.

I got Phoebe.

Since 2008, Lisa Kudrow has starred in and produced a hilarious web series called Web Therapy. She also tweets, in character, as @DrFionaWallice. So I gave it a shot. And lo and behold, she replied.

I sent a joke question to her joke character and REGINA FALANGE sent me a joke reply!!

For those who may be skeptical of this last one, go to Lisa Kudrow’s verified page where it explicitly states: “You can follow Lisa twittering as Web Therapy’s FIONA WALLICE here: @drfionawallice.”

BOOM! Now, tragically, Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc do not have Twitter accounts (yet). But ROSS DOES! Even though he tweets very infrequently, David Schwimmer is a tweeter! And I’m coming for him!!



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