My Grammy’s Shopping List

This morning, I was a couple towns away from my Grammy so I decided to stop in for a cup of coffee. She was right in the middle of putting together her shopping list. At 87, she no longer does her own shopping, but instead leads a team of shoppers, providing them with an intricately detailed list. Here are a few highlights…

First off, she has a “Master List” that she uses as a base. This list has everything she ever needs. Everything.

She’s a fan of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Note the quotes.

She gives two options as to the flavors of her Dannon Light and Fit. This will be the only decision the shopper gets to make.

Corn niblets.

She has an entire “Cookie” section of her list. It’s right above “Fruit”…

And of course, don’t forget Hoodsies. Only the “plain” kind, none of that syrup nonsense. (For any of you non-Bostonians, a Hoodsie is a small cup of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. They are wonderful.)

Then she made some instant coffee and we dipped into her massive store of cookies. 🙂

Oh, and for awesomeness overload, here’s the time my Grammy tweeted from my phone:


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