Lissie, Central Park, 9/20/13


A post shared by chuckdaly (@chuckdaly) on


A post shared by chuckdaly (@chuckdaly) on

Last Friday night, my friend Annie and I saw Lissie for the third time! She was amazing, as always. However, it was a very strange concert experience. Lissie was second on the bill, coming on after Lucy Rose and before headliner City and Colour. The crowd was 99% there for City and Colour. (The other 1% was me and Annie!) The hipstery crowd barely paid any attention to Lissie, talking during her set, sitting on the ground, and pretty much just waiting for City and Colour. It was definitely a unique experience going to see an opening act. We even left before City and Colour even came on. Whoops.

But still, Lissie rocked. She and her band played exceptionally well, debuting new songs from her upcoming album Back to Forever, and dipping back into her amazing catalog of haunting rockers. She even played a song she wrote years ago that hasn’t been released yet (fingers crossed for a bonus track). The drugged out Central Park crowd did come alive briefly during her closing song, a spectacular cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.”

After the show, Annie and I bombarded Lissie with tweets trying to hang out with her. Then, while we were eating a very nice Margherita pizza at Patsy’s Pizzeria, this happened:

Alas, there was no followup invitation, but Lissie tweeted at us! Kinda!

If you haven’t listened to her, she’s amazing. Go buy all the music!


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