Music thoughts

Last week, I got a nasty mother of a cold. I took a day off of work, and pretty much slept all day. When I was falling asleep, I was looking at a vintage Aerosmith poster I have. It’s at least 35 years old. So in my dream, I was at an Aerosmith concert with a bunch of my friends. During “You See Me Crying,” Steven Tyler hurt his voice singing too hard, so the band announced that they had to cancel the rest of the show. But, dream Joe Perry said, Chicago just happened to be there, so it turned into a Chicago show.

I woke up wanting to listen to Chicago. I only have four Chicago songs on my iPod. Three actually. One of them is a mislabeled REO Speedwagon song. Damn LimeWire.

(A quick background note: when I got my wisdom teeth out, I listened to “If You Leave Me Now” on repeat. I don’t know why. But now whenever I hear it I kinda taste blood in my mouth!)

Now, I am a believer that you can get high on music. Like, a sustained level of spiritual elevation. (The highest I’ve ever gotten on music was on 9/9/09, when the Beatles remasters were released, in case you were wondering.) But anyways, Chicago’s ballads get me really high. Especially “You’re The Inspiration” and “If You Leave Me Now.” So I’ve been listening to them nonstop. (Addition to previous thought: the high you get from certain songs can be medicinal!) I’ve also been listening to a ton of Aerosmith post dream. Driving home from New York the other day, I listened to all of the Toys in the Attic songs I had on my iPod.

But that wasn’t enough. So I downloaded Toys on iTunes. And a best of Chicago compilation called Love Songs. The point of this story is this: how cool is it that a poster that was made for a nickel in 1977 just made Aerosmith more money? And, by a strange dream scenario, it also made Chicago some money! That’s the power of advertising.

Unfortunately, Love Songs is actually a pretty terrible album. They don’t even have the real “If You Leave Me Now,” but instead a paltry live version from their 2004 tour with Earth, Wind, & Fire. No amount of elements can replicate Peter Cetera! I’m going to try to get my money back from iTunes, citing fraud. We’ll see how that goes.

UPDATE: I GOT MY MONEY BACK. A kind woman at iTunes understood my issues with a Peter Cetera-less record. Oh, one more thing: “You’re The Inspiration” is such a good song.


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