The Twalphabet

Ever wonder who has the username @A on Twitter? (Yes, that is a Pretty Little Liars reference… don’t hate.)

Well I wondered that too, so I decided to check out the twalphabet.

@a belongs to Andrei Zmievski, a coder from San Francisco. He is a frequent tweeter, and has over 90,000 followers.

@b is Brian Griffing, a musician. He hasn’t tweeted that much recently, although when he does it goes out to over 40,000 followers.

@c is home to Coley Cheng, also an infrequent tweeter from San Fran. Also has 40K+ followers, including Barack Obama and Yoko Ono.

@d, or Dave Bragdon, hasn’t tweeted to his 44 thousand tweeps since May. He describes himself as “just some guy” from Brooklyn.

@e is private! All I can deduce is that her name is Erin, she’s from Santa Cruz, CA, and she likes surfing. Oh and she has 18,000 followers.

@f is another coder! His name is Fred Oliveira, and he maintains his Twitter presence (twesence?) well. He clocks in at almost 55K.

@g, or Greg Leding, tweets a decent amount to his 42,000 followers.

@h seems interesting. He’s listed as Helgi Þorbjörnsson, and his bio states “Work @engineyard, Co-founder of, public speaker PEAR developer, programmer, party person, viking!” He is also from Ireland!

@I is our first blank, as well as our first capitalized letter! Registered to the name IsRaEl, I has never tweeted, follows nobody, and has the default egg avatar. Irregardless (which is a hyperbolic word that doesn’t actually exist) they have 22 thousand followers. Way to go, I.

@j is Juliette Melton, a researcher in San Fran. She tweets pretty frequently to her 47,000 peeps.

Holy balls guys, this just got interesting. Check out @k. His name is Kevin Cheng. His bio lists a bunch of cool things, but it concludes with “My everything: @c.” SO @K AND @C ARE MARRIED!!! What?!? Kevin (@k) has 57,000 followers. Including @c!

@L is back to boring. They are locked and only have two followers. But it is a capital L!

@m is Mark Douglass from Germany. He explains to his 48K followers in his bio that he isn’t interested in selling @m, and that he no longer replies to mentions. He also is the owner of @md!

@N (capitalized!) is Naoki Hiroshima, a developer from Cali. Although he was tweeting up a storm for a while, he’s left his 33K followers in the dark for over a year now.

@O is registered to MARS, which seems to be some kind of art project. They only started tweeting to their 20,000 followers in April.

@p belongs to Paolo I., who hasn’t given his 32K followers much to think about, although he did tweet a lot in 2007.

@Q is named, confusingly, to Ariel Raunstein, who calls themselves an Israeli organ donor. Okay.

@R is Rex Hammock who, refreshingly, actually uses his one lettered Twitter handle! Rex is even followed by Ellen Degeneres! (Along with 41,000 others.)

@s stands for SCIENCE! They be tweetin’ informative stuff to 60 thousand people!

@t is Tantek Çelik, who also tweets a lot. He has 68K followers, and is also followed by Ellen.

@u is protected. Boring.

@v seems weirdly foreboding. Check it out.

@w is Walter and protected. Boo.

@x seems cool. Gene X tweets a lot to his 25 thousand tweeps. Ooh and he’s a photographer!

@y looks like they stumbled into that handle. They tweet about getting lots of followers and how no, you can’t have their name.

and @z is Zach Brock, a computer engineer from- where else- San Francisco!


Well that’s all. Sorry you can’t get that five minutes back.

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