Led Zeppelin II: A Spacetime Odyssey

photo 5Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin

This record’s journey began in 1969, when Led Zeppelin, who perhaps lay claim to the title of ‘Second Greatest Band Of All Time’,1 dropped their second eponymous album.

(1Because, of course, The Beatles are number one.)

For the next 45 years, it has made a journey that ends, for the moment, at my apartment in New York.  At one point on its cosmic trail, it was owned by somebody named C. Dodge. Mr. Dodge (for some reason I think it’s a guy) felt strongly enough about the album to write his name on it in black Sharpie. IN ALL CAPS. While it was in the custody of C. Dodge, who, incidentally has the same initials as me, or perhaps while residing with some other tenant, the LP got pretty well beat up. The siding photo 1has almost totally fallen apart. You can’t even read the title.

Good thing it’s self-titled.

The front cover is pretty faded too. Shockingly, the inside of the album is in very good shape. The record itself plays fine, although I am no audiophile, and my record player is definitely lower-grade.

I purchased this record in Spring 2013 at a record store called Turn It Up! in Montague, Massachusetts. It’s part of the Book Mill complex which, as you can guess, is a massive bookstore in an old converted mill. It’s a very hip and happening place. You can pay too much for tea while hipsters read aloud from a 2006 reprint Vonnegut. But really, it was cool.

Back to the record at hand, sometimes I wonder whatever became of Mr. Dodge.

What life events transpired to make this slab of vinyl leave his home and come to mine? Will the same thing happen to me one day?

Irregardless, which is NOT a word, the record is mine now. The first time I listened to it was last summer. I was with my friends Maria and Pete (yes, that Pete of this fantastic “Micro Grooves Vinyl Hunting” blog) sitting in the parlor of my family home. photo 2Interestingly, it was the first time a record had been played in that room in probably decades. We just redesigned the room into a sitting area a few months prior. It had been a dining room for many years, which is no place for a turntable!)

We were listening to it, in part, because a bunch of us were going to see Robert Plant in concert that week.

The show was amazing. He played a handful of Zep tracks, including “Whole Lotta Love,” the opening track to Led Zeppelin II. Just being in the presence of the voice of Led Zeppelin paid for the ticket five times over.

A few random memories from the show:

  • It was very rainy, unfortunately. Our seats weren’t covered, so we got pretty wet.
  • On the car ride home, my friends debated the merits of Katy Perry’s singing career for the umpteenth time. I however was still basking in the glow of the Golden God and didn’t give a hoot.
  • I got a beer at the concert but didn’t drink it because I was anxious that I would have to go to the bathroom.
  • I’m kicking myself right now for wasting twelve bucks like that.
  • This was the last concert we ever saw at the Bank of American Pavilion, because as of January 1, 2014, it is known as “Blue Hills Bank Pavilion.”
  • Per Wikipedia, it has also previously been “Harbor Lights Pavilion” and “FleetBoston Pavilion.”

Brief aside from this aside: How weird is it that for like ten years, half the places in Boston had “Fleet” in their names?

Anyways, that’s my Micro Groove. Oh, and yes, that is Neil Degrasse Tyson in the background. I’m watching Cosmos! Sunday nights at 9 on FOX!



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