Just Saw Sean Ono Lennon’s band The GOASTT play in a record store

Sean Lennon’s arrival to the world was in nineteen eighty eight (or seven) when the Beatles were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

20140503-155736.jpgAccepting along with George, Ringo and Yoko,

20140503-155754.jpgSean joked that he was happy to be inducted,

20140503-155801.jpgAs he had yet to do anything.

20140503-155809.jpgWell, he’s done something now.

20140503-155815.jpgHis new record is terrific.

20140503-155822.jpgcheck out this picture of some lyrics:


20140503-155840.jpgHe sounds like if John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a kid or something.

20140503-155850.jpgOh snap, that’s right.

20140503-155830.jpgBig props and

20140503-155906.jpgmuch love to Sean and Charlotte.

20140503-155920.jpgAs for the show itself,

20140503-155926.jpgit was far out.

20140503-155933.jpgBy forming GOASTT, Sean has found that moment when people will no longer be “Sean Lennon, John’s son. He’s pretty good.”

20140503-155939.jpgThe world will start to say “Sean Lennon, from The Ghost Of A Sabertooth Tiger.

He’s pretty good.”
But for real, buy their record Midnight Sun here.


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