What the hell are Little Shirley Beans?

Little Shirley Beans


I’d like to start off with questions you probably have:

1. What is this dribble and why do I care?

When I got the idea to write this blog, I had no idea what I wanted to call it. If it the title was too silly,it would be dismissive; too serious, and no one would care. I knew that I wanted it to be about living with mental illness, particularly OCD and anxiety. I wanted to share my experiences and perspectives in realistic, but also light hearted, narratives. I wanted people with (and without) anxiety to know earlier on what it took me too long to learn: you are not alone in your weird world. There are people who think like you, who laugh with you, and who struggle with you. Maybe if I write about my life with anxiety in various forms, it will help other people too…

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