Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

From the other night at Hammerstein Ballroom.



I’m not a Tim McGraw fan at all. In fact, I can’t name a single one of his songs. But when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to see him, I said yes. I love music, and I love concerts. Of course I would spend an evening with a country music legend.

Up first were a few singer songwriters who have had more success writing for other singers. Brett and Brad Warren sang a few of their famous songs, including “Red Solo Cup,” made famous by Toby Keith. They admitted to the crowd that it wasn’t the best song ever, even calling it terrible. But boy is it catchy. (They even changed a couple of lines to reflect the terribleness of the song, as well as the “shit tons of money” it had made them.)

When Mr. McGraw came out he did not disappoint. He played an assortment of hits (that I didn’t know) and new songs (that I also didn’t know.) The highlight of the night was when he brought out his wife, fellow country music legend Faith Hill, to sing a duet on “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s,” a track from the new album he is promoting, Sundown Heaven Town.
Faith Hill is stunning, and has an incredible voice. It was really something to see the married couple sing together.

McGraw commanded the crowd like a 20-year old popstar. He was constantly reaching down into the crowd to touch hands with adoring and screeching fans. Several times throughout the night, he’d take a minute to relish in the adoration, raising his arms out and smiling.

It’s almost like he’s Taylor Swift or something! After all, she did get famous by writing a song about him. Maybe she leaned from the best.


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