Lana Del Rey, 6/9/2015

Last Tuesday at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachsetts, Lana Del Rey was perfection, if only for a fleeting 70 minutes.

The show was short but it was dense and packed with amazing.

She did a bunch of classics like “Cola,” “Born to Die,” the OG “Summertime Sadness,” and “Video Games,” plus new stuff (like the title track) from last year’s Ultraviolence. (Which hit Number One, by the way.)

The crowd was mostly teenage and college aged girls, although there were some “old” people in their mid-twenties, like me. Lots of flowers in the hair. Lots of flowy dresses that look like a cross between 40s glamour and 60s fab. Like Lana herself, in white.

Her vocals, while occasionally drowned out by piercing screams and too-loud speakers, were raw and powerful. She broke her persona often, smiling, but you couldn’t blame her. She was singing songs she wrote for herself to 20,000 adoring people. She even took selfies with a few of them.

She didn’t do “Young and Beautiful,” which my friend Joan attributed to the fact that Kanye probably bought the performance rights.

No encore, and the show really was wicked short. Opening act Grimes was weird and funky. But we sat in the parking lot for nearly three hours after the show. It took us more than twice the length of the concert to get out of there.

But it was worth it.


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