It’s time for Tom Brady to cut the shit.


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Dear Tom Brady,

I think you are the #GOAT– the literal greatest of all time. At everything. Football, sports in general, even just walking and breathing. Like most of New England, I revere you. Your four (4!) Super Bowl rings and dozens of records, plus 15 years of great involvement in the community, have made you god-like. I defended you during Deflategate, the biggest ton of phooey the media ever created. I will always stand by you, Tom Terrific. Pats Nation for life.

However, you need to cut the shit about Donald Trump.

I defended you at first, and I still think that your overall intentions are good. You and Trump are friends, okay. You are both television celebrities who have brought big (huge) ratings to NBC. And Trump stood by you during the ridiculous witch hunt of the last year. But Trump’s rhetoric has gone from provocative to hateful. His policies are extreme and discriminatory. He is a fascist who wants to exclude people from America based on their religion. As a patriot and a Patriot, you need to cut ties with this hatemonger.

Enough with the non-answers, the “let’s focus on football” evasiveness. Because we all know that football is just a bullshit game. What Donald Trump is saying and doing is more important than football, and you need to reflect that truth. Unlike the score of a football game, Trump’s comments have detrimental real world effects on many Americans, especially Muslims, many of whom are Pats fans, I’m sure.

Your association with Trump adds validity to his gonzo, reactionary ideas. Every day that you don’t condemn him is a day that he is able to use your “support” to further his awful ideology.

I get it. You try to stay out of this kind of stuff. Focus on football. Do your job. But Trump has crossed a horrible line, and he brought you across that line with him. I’m not saying you need to endorse Bernie or Hillary or anybody, but the association with Trump needs to stop. You are a role model. You are a hero. You are an icon. Donald Trump is an asshole. Cut the shit, Brady. Dump Trump, and then go back to being the GOAT.

With (almost) unending adoration,

Chuck Daly



  1. muslims are obviously not all terrorists, most of them are great people. terrorists unfortunately usually happen to be of the muslim faith. the US is currently doing a dogshit job of researching / tracking who we let into our country. of course it’s not ideal but i value American people’s safety more than i value someone from the middle east. why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

    1. Bob, I understand your need for safety. But to ban a religion is just wrong. Imagine in someone wanted to ban all Christians just because a handful of Christians did bad things? Most crime in America is in fact committed by Christians. But we should never ban all Christians! 99.99999% of Muslims are good people. They deserve the same rights as anyone else.

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