Concert Hub

Some of my favorite posts are concert pictures. They are usually terrible, taken from far away, and a strange assortment of colors. But I love them. They capture the exact memory of being in the same moment with an icon. They forever preserve that connection. So here is a convenient list of all of my concert posts.

Fleetwood Mac on April 18, 2013: Here and here.

Heres’s Ke$ha on 5/23. (And as a bonus, my review of her latest album!)

Fleetwood Mac (AGAIN!) on 6/21/13

Paul McCartney 7/9/13 (my 23rd birthday!) 

Bob Dylan 7/20/13

Robert Plant 7/25/13

Taylor Swift (and Ed Sheeran and Carly Simon!) 7/27/13

Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson 8/9/13

JAY Z and Justin Timberlake 8/10/13

Black Sabbath 8/12/13

My first SIX Aerosmith concerts!

Macklemore and Elton John in the same weekend.

Rod Stewart! What?!

Aerosmith (for the 7th time!)

Lady Gaga in Boston 6/30/14

Sean Lennon

Lady Gaga at Roseland Ballroom on her birthday 3/28/14

The Boomtown Rats at Terminal 5 in NYC 9/26/14

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Brad Paisley (backstage at GMA)

Florida Georgia Line (and the soundcheck)


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