Kesha’s Rockshow Comeback

As summer officially transitioned into fall, I spent the equinox watching Kesha and the Creepies perform at the Warsaw in Brooklyn. This was my third time seeing the formerly dollar-signed singer, but the first in over three years since her very public legal drama began.

For those who haven’t heard, Kesha has been trapped in legal limbo for the last few years. She sued her producer Dr. Luke, accusing him of sexual and emotional assault. Because artists have to sign their life away to labels, Kesha’s contract with Sony stipulates that she can only work with Luke– essentially forcing her to work with her rapist. The legal proceedings are ongoing, but she has been prohibited from releasing new music for almost four years.

But last night, Kesha was not about to let those problems inhibit an incredible show.
She addressed the lawsuit early, telling the crowd how grateful and appreciative she was of our support. The crowd was deafeningly loud in response, with such powerful cheers and chants that Kesha at moments was on the verge of years. She noted- and I felt- the palpable love in the room. It was both a heavy moment but one of reassurance. Love always conquers hate. Continue reading “Kesha’s Rockshow Comeback”


Concert Flashback: Ke$ha, New York City, 4/13/11

Ke$ha! (These pictures are from my old Blackberry. I really hated that thing.)

Outside the Roseland Ballroom, the line of Animals stretched a quarter mile down 52nd Street. Continue reading “Concert Flashback: Ke$ha, New York City, 4/13/11”

Like a Club in Donkey Kong Country: Warrior Revisited

Ke$ha is way better than anybody gives her credit for. Her latest album Warrior is fantastic. In honor of her new show on MTV, her new single on the radio, and the fact that I’m going to her concert in a few weeks, I thought I’d revisit my live-tweet experience from when iTunes streamed her album last November. Continue reading “Like a Club in Donkey Kong Country: Warrior Revisited”